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Maison Aguerria offers twice a week dinner (min.4p.). We use as much as possible quality products and specialties of the valley Aldudes and fruit, herbs and vegetables from our own garden. The cuisine of Maison Aguerria is characterized as local, pure, honest and fresh. Those who can appreciate this are certainly at the right place.

Some examples of our dishes:

  • Foie gras Foie with homemade jelly of piment d'Espelette
  • Charcutery plate of the valley with ham Kintoa
  • Risotto with prawn and scallops
  • Homemade crème brûlée with Amaretto

The Basque cuisine is considered one of the most innovative and creative cuisine in the world. For example in San Sebastian there are many Michelin starred restaurants. The Aldudes Valley brings nature and gastronomy together. Here lives the rare Basque pig again in freedom. Master charcutier "Pierre Oteiza" brought new life to an almost extinct breed. The Basque pigs are grown with respect for nature and tradition. The famous "Kintoa" ham and charcuterie have an exceptional taste and quality. The valley is also famous for the "Truite Banka” and sheep cheeses.
Some other examples of typical Basque products:

  • Basque peppers or AOC Piment d'Espelette (world famous)
  • Gâteau Basque, a delicious cake with cherry or almond filling
  • Irouleguy wine, visit the vineyards and taste the excellent AOC wines

“Pintxos “ culture in the Spanish Basque Country:
A "Pintxo" is Basque for thorn and the name of snacks consumed in bars in the Spanish Basque Country. A toothpick is used to hold together the culinary works of art and is being used to count how many pintxos you eat. Traditionally, people go from bar to bar to taste some pintxos accompanied by a glass of wine or cider. Each bar has its specialty and after eating you throw your napkin on the floor. The more napkins on the floor, the better the bar.